My participation on the global game jam of 2021.

About my participation.

This will be a small article. I was and still am a gamer and always wanted to create my own game, even a small project.
The perfect opportunity was the global game jam, but I was always reluctant to join, until this year.
I joined just for fun and eventually found and amazing team.
Read more about the global game jam.

How to make your own game.

With the aforementioned amazing team we decided to use the godot engine, which is open source and very very lightweight.
It was surprisingly strong as well, kudos to the supporters!!
The only issue is that it has a small community so its not always easy to find help but it’s also a very eager community to provide whatever they can.
Next we had to come up with a concept, it was actually a very simple one.
It would be a simple humanoid character, having his chill adventure, exploring islands and gathering coins, getting lost in an imaginary world and relaxing with music.
Not all games need to have a goal in my opinion, sometimes you need something fulfilling to relax.
The link for the game is here and you can find the code here.
Keep in mind that the game is web hosted and is around 50MB meaning it will take some time to load.


Please do join the global game jam, it doesn’t feel like a competition at all!! I will join again next year since it was one of my best experiences.
Special thanks to me team, you can find their names in the repo in case you need artists, musicians or developers.