Is it possible to escape Vim once you enter it? How?

A little story.

Once upon a time, as a young engineer I became trapped within the walls of Vim, panic overtook my thoughts.
Not event Ctrl+C worked, what should I do?
Fear not said a senior engineer, it’s simple, just hit esc then : and last q and you can escape this hell.
I was out!!

Is it worth?

Is it worth writing about it? The goal of this post is not to explain how to escape Vim but to write down some of my thoughts.
A lof of my fellow engineers write blog posts and spend too many resources to write tutorials that you can find on the web again and again.
If you google how to escape Vim you can find over 2.7 million results.
Instead we should promote good content that actually helped us learn and not oversaturate the search results.
To that end, you can find this amazing video by fireship, which explains a lot and can get you started.