I have found a couple of tools online to help the everyday engineer with his search in the bash abyss.


If you’ve ever written any shell scripts you must have encountered some difficulties, everything changes based on the operating system, version etc.(there isn’t anything else, im just saying it to sound well educated).
But there is no compiler or interpreter, what can you do? How do you fight that?
Do I have the solution for you, bugs hate it, your nerves love it.
Introducing to you shellcheck, use it and you will see before your own eyes its power!
Disclaimer: Linux arch skills not guaranteed.

Avoid googling commands.

When you’re trying to write any script or use any command you almost always have to google or use the man page.
Sometimes you need something more, maybe a fast example, for that there is a very good tiny helper for you.
The solution is none other than cheat, it is a fast way to look for examples from your own shell.
I’ve been constantly using it and it made my life easier on many occasions where I’m bored to alt+tab or working on some remote system.